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"You have to escape the Matrix by starting a side hustle!!" - you've heard them all say.

It's f****** terrible advice.

You go to 9-5 job to get paid minimum wage for 9h a day, just to come home and work for another 4+ hours at a computer to earn just a few hundred dollars more?

Why do that when you can completely change your 9-5 and triple or more your income instantly by learning Sales?

Sales isn't just a high-value skill that makes you rich.

It's a skill that makes you truly wealthy.

EVERYTHING is sales.

You're trying to get that pretty girl on a date? Sales.

You're trying to start a business but need to make cash? Sales

You're trying to network with high-net-worth individuals? SALES.

I've sold well over $50,000,000 in products & investments which allows me to live like this for the past 10 years -

I've not only sold to your everyday John & Jane Doe, but to billion-dollar corporations like Regus & Heineken whilst building the world's leading commission-only sales platform since I was 19 years old, so yes, I know more than enough about Sales to teach it.

This course has helped over 50 men not only to learn sales, but to change their entire life for the better.

Here are just a few testimonials from students who have ZERO sales experience:


  • 10.2H of video training
  • 23+ step-by-step documents from finding a role to becoming the top 5% of all sales people
  • A one month free of the Lego Sales Group Chat including live calls with Michael and the other students ($20 per month afterward)
  • How to work remotely or locally and make $7-30,000 a month.
  • How to lead your conversations
  • How to keep motivated in sales
  • How to close any qualified lead
  • How to get any role in sales
  • How to qualify any lead
  • Much, much more.

NOT For You If:

  • Under 16
  • Won't hold yourself accountable
  • Want a get-rich-quick scheme
  • Don't have a phone or Telegram app capability

Created by a Sales Advisor, SME Advisor, and award winner of the 2017 Young Sales Expert and Business Expert of the Year, and a man whose sales platform has won The Sales Innovation Expo award - Michael J Ringer.

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9.8 Hours of video content

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Sell Like a Lion - Lego Selling

28 ratings
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